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Durable Power Of Attorney

The Law Office of Cathy Steele is not a large, intimidating law firm. Our small, well-established estate planning practice helps ordinary people plan for their future. Attorney Cathy Steele will sit down with you in a comfortable setting to listen to your needs and walk you through different estate planning scenarios. Our goal is to help you find peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order, whatever life brings you in Missouri.

Cathy Steele has 35 years of experience in estate planning. She can help with the important decisions such as who to designate and whether to grant full power of attorney or specify limitations. Contact our Clayton, Missouri, power of attorney law firm at 314-732-4238 for a free initial consultation.

Durable Powers Of Attorney In The St. Louis Area

A power of attorney is a document that allows you to designate a person (a spouse, adult child or trusted friend) to act on your behalf if you cannot manage your own affairs because of mental or physical incapacity. This advance planning avoids the mess of your family having to go to court to have you declared incompetent and seeking conservatorship, a scenario that often puts family members at odds over who should govern your personal matters.

A durable power of attorney survives even after you become incompetent. At the time of your death, your will dictates how your estate will be administered and distributed. If designed correctly, the person with power of attorney (attorney-in-fact) can pay your mortgage and your bills, make business decisions, execute transactions, enter litigation and otherwise act on your behalf until you recover or until you pass away.

Medical And Financial Powers Of Attorney

Cathy Steele is a knowledgeable Clayton lawyer who can draft your financial or medical power of attorney and health care directives. It is important to have someone close to you who will make the proper decisions regarding your medical care and how to use your money, especially if you are not well enough to make them yourself.

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Your legal issue is important, and the lawyer you choose makes a difference. For individualized attention and experienced legal advocacy, contact us at The Law Office of Cathy Steele. We offer a free phone consultation at 314-732-4238.

We can arrange evening and weekend appointments, and we take most tax appeal cases on a contingency fee basis.

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