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Multifamily Real Estate Tax Appeals

The county uses various methods and many factors to determine the fair market value of multifamily real estate for taxation purposes. An error or overestimate in applying any of those factors can translate into a steep increase in property taxes.

At The Law Office of Cathy Steele, we have a record of successful representation in property tax appeals for apartment buildings and other multifamily residential rental property. Located in Clayton, Missouri, we take cases in the city of St. Louis and in St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County.

Multifamily Real Estate Tax Appeals

Attorney Cathy Steele has 35 years of experience in an area of the law that few attorneys handle on a regular basis. She is knowledgeable about the methods used by assessors for valuing apartment complexes:

  • Rental income from tenants
  • Vacancy rates
  • Market expenses
  • Actual sales of similar apartment buildings
  • Construction costs of a new complex, minus depreciation
  • Net operating income, multiplied by a capitalization rate

We closely examine the county assessor's appraisal, and run the numbers using alternative methods to suggest a more realistic and reliable value. We have prevailed in local Board of Equalization hearings in the St. Louis area, and we have been successful in multifamily property tax appeals before the Missouri State Tax Commission.

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