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St. Louis Residential Real Estate Tax Appeals Lawyer

Missouri Tax Appeals Attorney

If you believe that your home was over-valued by the county assessor, resulting in high property taxes, our experienced lawyer can help you appeal the assessment. At The Law Office of Cathy Steele, we have helped many homeowners in the greater St. Louis area successfully challenge their residential property tax assessment, resulting in substantial tax savings.

Located in Clayton, Missouri, we represent property owners in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County, as well as St. Charles County and Jefferson County. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss strategies for reducing the assessed value of single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes, condos or other residential property, including a second home, lake cabin or other non-homestead property.

Residential Property Assessment Appeals

Attorney Cathy Steele has more than 25 years of experience in the niche area of property tax appeals. She routinely appears before county Boards of Equalization and the Missouri State Tax Commission on behalf of homeowners, business owners, farmers and other property owners.

Your property taxes are based on a percentage of your home's fair market value (19 percent for residential property). But determining a home's fair market value is not an exact science. Assessors make mistakes or unsupported assumptions. Sometimes they choose inappropriate methods to determine the value of your house and grounds, or stretch too far in comparing your property to another. They often over-value improvements to the property. There are always avenues to challenge an unjust tax assessment.

We will examine the assessor's methodology and conduct our own research into actual sales of similar properties and sales of all homes in your part of town. We may also get an independent appraisal to support your appeal.

The Property Tax Assessment and Appeals Process

Home values are reassessed as of January 1 of odd-numbered years. The county tax assessor generally sends a notice of your new valuation in the spring, which will determine the property tax bill you receive in October.

  • Assessors usually offer an informal period for homeowners to contest their new assessed value.
  • If the assessor declines to adjust your valuation, the Board of Equalization in your county hears official appeals. The deadline is typically mid-July. The Board can set a new value or stick with the assessor's determination.
  • If the Board upholds the assessor's valuation, you have 30 days to appeal to the State Tax Commission.

Your best chance of appealing your residential property tax assessment is to hire an attorney who understands the complex factors at play. We enjoy a good working relationship with assessor's offices and Boards of Equalization in the St. Louis metro area, and have had notable successes before the State Tax Commission.

Call our Clayton office at 314-732-4238 or toll free at 888-541-5889 for a free phone consultation, or contact us online. We take most tax appeals on a contingency basis — there are no attorneys fees unless we succeed in lowering your assessment.