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St. Louis Missouri Probate Administration Lawyer

Clayton Will Contests Attorney

If you have been named to settle the estate of a family member or friend, we at The Law Office of Cathy Steele, P.C. can represent you in fulfilling those duties in a timely, thorough and cost-effective manner. We also represent any party who has a stake in probate litigation.

Our Clayton, Missouri, law firm handles probate matters in the St. Louis metro area, including those in St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson counties. Contact us today to discuss our estate administration services or representation in a will contest.

We can assist personal representatives who do not live in Missouri, or out-of-state heirs who need local representation in probate litigation.

Estate and Probate Administration

We represent personal representatives ("executors") who are named in the will or appointed by a probate judge to settle a loved one's estate. Our firm's attorney, Cathy Steele brings 25 years of experience in estate administration. She can advise the representative of the estate or provide a more hands-on role and carry out the long list of tasks of winding down the estate, including:

  • Identifying and gathering assets of the estate
  • Notifying and paying creditors
  • Liquidating stocks or property
  • Filing individual and estate tax returns
  • Distributing the remaining assets among heirs (according to the will or Missouri's laws of intestacy

Will Contests and Probate Litigation

Our philosophy is to avoid unnecessary conflict. But disputes commonly arise in the process of "proving" the will to the court. The most common scenario is an allegation that the will is invalid because of fraud or undue influence by a sibling or other person who convinced the deceased to change the will. Lack of testamentary capacity is also grounds to challenge the will.

We have represented excluded heirs, named beneficiaries and personal representatives in will contests or accusations of breach of fiduciary duty. We will vigorously protect our client's interests while seeking resolutions short of a full-blown probate trial.

Call us toll free at 888-541-5889 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our experienced lawyer about probate administration, including evenings or weekends by appointment.